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Data-driven instruction powered by AI

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Data Driven Instruction made EASY

With ClassPlanit, lesson planning can be informed by the individual needs of students in your classroom. Gain insight into your students' levels of comprehension and learning styles. Create more engaging lessons guided by this student data.

data-driven instruction

Standards Tracking

  • Gauge how closely your activities align to standards
  • Track standards addressed and student performance per standard
  • Assessment Rubrics

  • View generated demonstrations of knowledge or skills for assessment rubrics or checklists
  • Go beyond grades and see specifically where students need support
  • Pedagogy Analytics

  • Track Blooms, learning styles, and predicted retention rate analysis as you plan
  • Ensure your lessons implement teaching best practices
  • Digital Worksheets

  • Generate Final Exams, Exit Tickets, Study Guides, Flash Cards, and Digital Homework automatically based on your lesson plans

  • Why Data-Driven Instruction?

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    One Size Doesn't fit All

    Students learn and present their knowledge in different ways. At ClassPlanit, we create profile summaries of the different types of learners you have in your classroom. As you plan your lessons, we provide recomendations on lessons based on the student profiles in your classroom.

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    More Engagement, Higher Retention

    Instead of creating lessons that only engage some students, create lesson plans that support all your students.

    “Our task is to help children communicate with the world using all their potential, strengths and languages, and to overcome any obstacle presented..”
    Loris Malaguzzi
    lesson plan assessment good shape shape
    Student Improvement

    More Retention means higher student performance

    When students are individually seen and supported, students have higher performance.

    Data Driven Planning

    Connecting Activities & Assessments

    Closing the feedback loop between in-class activities and knowledge retention for students. As you create your lesson plan, ClassPlanit creates your assessments.

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